Bris Milah - Brit Mila

Traditional Jewish Circumcision

A traditional Jewish circumcision and naming ceremony is performed on Jewish infant boys at eight days old during the Brit Milah ceremony. The Brit represents the eternal covenant that God established with Abraham and the Jewish people, this rite holds significant meaning for Jewish people. The Bris ceremony can take place either in a Synagogue or in a private home or catering hall.

(If the price is a deterrent please contact me for special consideration; I never allow my fee to interfere with a Jewish baby receiving a perfect Kosher Bris.)



Bris Milah FAQ

What is Bris Milah?

Bris Milah, also known as Brit Milah, is a sacred Jewish ritual in which a male infant is circumcised on the eighth day of life. This ceremony symbolizes the covenant between God and the Jewish people.

Why should I choose your services?

We pride ourselves on providing compassionate and expert care to every family we serve. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we ensure that your child's Bris Milah is performed with precision and sensitivity.

Is Bris Milah safe?

Yes, when performed by trained professionals in a sterile environment, Bris Milah is a safe procedure. Our team follows strict protocols to minimize any risks and prioritize the well-being of our clients.

How can I schedule a consultation?

Scheduling a consultation with Seattle & Pacific Northwest's Premier Circumcision Specialist is easy! Simply contact us through our website or give us a call, and our friendly staff will assist you in setting up an appointment.

What should I expect during the Bris Milah ceremony?

Our team will guide you through every step of the process, from preparation to aftercare. During the ceremony, a qualified mohel will perform the circumcision while ensuring the comfort and dignity of the infant and family members.

What are the benefits of Bris Milah?

Besides its religious significance, Bris Milah is believed to have health benefits, including reduced risk of certain infections and diseases. Additionally, many families find deep cultural and spiritual meaning in preserving this ancient tradition.

Do you offer post-circumcision care instructions?

Yes, we provide comprehensive post-circumcision care instructions to ensure a smooth recovery process. Our team is also available to address any concerns or questions you may have during this time.

Is Bris Milah covered by insurance?

Coverage for Bris Milah varies depending on your insurance provider and policy. We recommend checking with your insurance company to determine your coverage options.

How can I learn more about your services?

For more information about Seattle & Pacific Northwest's Premier Circumcision Specialist and our Bris Milah services, please explore our website or reach out to us directly. We're here to assist you every step of the way!

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