Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a Mohel or a Doctor?

A doctor possesses knowledge. He can diagnose and prescribe. If you doubt whether you require an operation, a doctor is in the best position to make that decision. However, to perform a surgical procedure, you need a surgeon. A Mohel is just that - one who specializes in the circumcision procedure. He is trained and experienced in the art of circumcision and focuses on the baby feeling as little pain as possible. Indeed, in England, a surgeon is not called a doctor; he is referred to with the coveted title of Mister. A doctor is not licensed as a surgeon.

Additionally, a doctor’s medical circumcision, usually performed in the hospital within the first few days after birth, does not fulfill the requirements of a Bris Milah and is not considered valid according to Jewish law. The Bris must be performed by a Jewish person who understands, upholds, and practices the tenets of the Jewish religion and is specially trained to function as a Mohel. Only a Mohel is genuinely qualified to perform your son’s circumcision.

Do you use anesthetics?

The only anesthetic I use is my skill and speed in performing the circumcision. Effective anesthetics take longer and are more painful than actual circumcision. However, if you are concerned about the baby feeling pain, there are several other questions one should ask. Do you use a hemostat (locking forceps) to grasp the foreskin? How broad is your shield? Is it used to achieve hemostasis as well? What measures do you take to ease the bandage removal? I am proud to say that I use a broad shield and only my fingers with no additional instruments. I place a piece of Kaltostat, a sterile, soft, fibrous dressing that gels and acts as a barrier to ensure a pain-free bandage removal. I put a great emphasis on pain reduction.

What are your hygienic standards?

I insist on the highest levels of hygiene. All my instruments are steam sterilized, and the circumcision occurs on a sterile field. The entire procedure is performed aseptically. I have never had a baby with an infection.

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