Happy Babies and Happy Parents

Baby Centered Circumcision

Happy Babies and Happy Parents

Rabbi Harris's method of choice is baby-centric with a strong focus on the baby's comfort. He does not use any clamps or heavy instrumentation, choosing to only use a Mogen Shield (not to be confused with the Mogen Clamp) for the quickest circumcision that heals the fastest and produces the neatest results with the least discomfort for the baby. Incredibly, the entire circumcision takes approximately 60 seconds - about the same time as an average diaper change. There is no bandage, ring, or bell left on the baby, only a gauze and ointment cover. A custom bandage is utilized that stops both the bleeding and the pain in seconds. There is no requirement to have a Vitamin K shot, and there is no age limit for when the circumcision can be performed. Rabbi Harris performs circumcisions for babies of all faiths and tries to accommodate all eighth-day circumcision requests. We would love to have you join the many satisfied families who have had Rabbi Harris perform the circumcision.

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